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Black Diamond

Miner's Day

In my capacity on the Miner’s Day Festival Committee (in Black Diamond)--

1. First year, I brought 10 business sponsorships to the table, (previously only one) continuing that trajectory for the next five years

2. Started new sponsored activities including The Miner’s Day Skit, Chalk-In, hot air balloon rides,  Vintage Fashion Show, Children's Show, Dunk a Politician tank

3. Started and maintained all marketing channels including the facebook page, regional print advertising, press releases, signage

4. Designed the logo and delivered a consistent brand message into the yearly festival--while adjusting for yearly historical themes that were relevant to the community.


During my tenure, Miner’s Day realized attendance growth of 300% and a treasury of almost nothing to startup cash of $3,000/year. I remain active on this committee.

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