Ideas In The



While working at the Bakery, I learned that customers did NOT want it to change!


The 100+-year-old institution, and its recipes were firmly embedded into the memories of the customers, near and far!


How to expand the business reach? Bring the old and the NEW customers to our door? 


1. I cleaned up and re-designed the old logo so it could be used in current media


2. Designed two new menus for morning/afternoon seating and for evening seating. All the photos, designs are original


3. Re-started the CAKE business which had been abandoned ten years earlier, with corresponding original menu booklets


4. Designed outdoor signage to go with our new Juice Bar and Ice Cream Shop


5. Painted murals in the coffee bar and ladies restroom using vintage themes


6. Started the Facebook Page


7. Designed the wireframe for the new webpage and submitted all original photos and graphics for upload

It worked! According to the owner, sales improved 25% during my tenure!